Research From the regenerating power of hyaluronic acid to the future of medicine

After decades of research into hyaluronic acid, which is known for its benefits in the natural repair and regeneration processes of damaged tissues, today we are also progressing in the field of regenerative medicine.

Regenerative medicine offers a promising synergistic role with hyaluronic acid, thanks to the development of new therapeutic strategies in the areas we work in. We have acquired and developed technologies to improve the availability of growth factors in tissues where there has been a loss in functionality, but we also have other systems associated with adipose tissue and its wide-ranging potential.

Hy-Tissue Line

HOW Autologous Biological

Regenerative medicine consists in the processing of human biological tissues, such as blood or adipose tissue to obtain autologous biological products. Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) is obtained from the patient’s blood and contains a high quantity of platelets compared to the basal value. The platelets, and therefore the PRP, provide a large quantity of growth factors and other bioactive molecules, which accelerate tissue repair and regeneration processes.

Through the processing of a small amount of lipoaspirated adipose tissue, it is possible to obtain a microfiltered emulsion called ‘Nanofat grafting’, which contains cells and regenerative precursors present in the adipose tissue. The obtained emulsion, thanks to its liquid consistency, can be injected through a fine needle in the most typical applications of regenerative aesthetic medicine.

Our regenerative medicine solutions

A complete portfolio of therapeutic solutions to obtain high-quality, safe and effective autologous biological products at the point-of-care, that allows doctors to tailor the best scientifically based regenerative treatments to each patient.


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